Golden State Game Day Snacks


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Golden State Game Day Snacks

January 10, 2022
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Golden State Game Day Snacks

It’s almost time for the Big Game – and that means big time snacking. To get you started, we’re sharing a few of our favorite things to munch on while rooting for your favorite sportsball team (or for some of us, watching commercials). From quick bites to an amazing California-inspired snack board, you can wow your guests from wherever you’re watching. Check out the recipes below or peruse our FREE E-Book, Golden State Game Day Eats!

Golden State Game Day Snacks – California-Style

California is #1 and we’re not afraid to brag about it! When it comes to ag, and especially sustainable ag, the Golden State is hard to beat! Did you know that California farmers grow 100% of the almonds and 99% of walnuts in the U.S.? Over 80% of fresh citrus is grown in the state! California farms provide about 80% of domestically grown cut flowers and 98% of fresh figs. While California is known for our wine (81% of U.S. wine, in fact!), 99% of domestic table grapes are grown right here in the Golden State. Our diverse climate means that 90% of the country’s leafy greens grow year-round here, along with 88% of strawberries. Plus California is #1 in sustainable dairy!

We could go on all day about why California’s the cream of the crop, including the fact that 95% of our farms and ranches are family-owned, and that by buying California Grown products you are supporting the hardworking folks that work 24/7/365 to feed us. But let’s get to the Golden State Game Day snacks we promised you! Don’t worry, we didn’t forget dessert!

Sweet Potato Fry Nachos_Golden State Game Day Snacks

Sweet Potato Fry Nachos

These Loaded Sweet Potato Nacho Fries from A Girl Defloured start with from-scratch, spicy roasted California sweet potato. Piled high with California olives, Real California Jack Cheese and Cotija cheese, chipotle crema, shredded lettuce, pickled red onions and jalapenos, cherry tomatoes, green onions and cilantro, these nacho fries are best eaten with a fork. Serve with a chilled California Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc – and a lot of napkins.

Game Day Super Board

Creator of TasteSpotting & author of The Delicious Life blog, Sarah Gim has definitely perfected the art of foodporn. Here, she reveals her expert tips on how to create an incredible California-Style Cheese Board that will feed a crowd. Plus she shares which wines to pair with it!

Big Game Super Board_Golden State Game Day Snacks

SoCal Sangria

SoCal Citrus Sangria

This delicious wine cocktail starts with fan-favorite California Zinfandel. Plus it’s loaded with zesty citrus and a splash of honey for just enough sweetness! Did you know that Spanish missionaries planted the first winegrapes in California? They’re also believed to have first planted citrus trees in the Golden State over 250 years ago. The first commercial citrus groves appeared in Southern California decades later. The introduction of the navel orange and railroads spurred California’s “second Gold Rush” of agriculture. The groves have now spread throughout the San Joaquin Valley.

Spicy Cotija Popcorn

Our favorite cheesy spicy popcorn seasoning! If you’ve never tried Cotija cheese, now’s the perfect time. This Mexican cheese is similar in texture to feta, with a distinctive salty, pungent flavor. Perfect for movie night munching (and football, natch)… and pairs perfectly with a glass of your favorite California Zinfandel.

Popcorn with Spicy Cotija Seasoning served with Sangria

Smoky Lemon Rosemary Whisky Sour

This Smoky Whiskey Sour cocktail from A Girl Defloured hits all the right notes; it’s flavorful and bright, with a hint of sultry from the double hit of rosemary and Laphroaig. She enjoys them all winter long. The “smoky” flavor of this cocktail comes from the super peaty Laphroaig. On its own, many would consider it an acquired taste, but when you add a few drops to this cocktail, it imbues it with a cozy warmth that’s just like your favorite flannel shirt.

Prosciutto Wrapped Prunes

Looking for an incredibly delicious allergy-friendly appetizer? When entertaining, it’s good to offer at least one gluten free and dairy free appetizer that everyone can enjoy.  This Prosciutto Wrapped Prunes recipe from G Free Foodie is a great choice. They’re similar to Bacon-Wrapped Dates (aka: Devils on Horseback) but with a bit of a milder flavor. It can even be made dairy free and Paleo-friendly by simply omitting the Parmesan cheese!

Prosciutto Wrapped Prunes on a marble serving board.
Queso Fundido with Shitake Mushrooms

Queso Fundido with Shitake Mushrooms and Anaheim Chiles

This delicious Queso Fundido is esentially melted cheese with aromatic mushrooms and chiles. It makes the perfect dip for chips, tortillas, and fresh vegetables.

Buffalo Cauliflower

Buffalo Cauliflower – a hearty appetizer that the whole family will enjoy! Spicy and health-conscious, it satisfies all those hearty appetites and delights the vegetarians, all at the same time!

Buffalo Cauliflower

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs recipe

Crispy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

This Mess is Ours‘ crispy Buffalo Chicken Meatballs have all the things you LOVE about Buffalo Chicken Wings wrapped up together in a crispy meatball that will be the star of your game day celebration. 

Minimal meatball ingredients and a store-bought buffalo sauce are all that stand between you and a winning platter of game-day-worthy meatballs!

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