Over 20 Healthy Homemade Popsicles To Beat the Heat


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Over 20 Healthy Homemade Popsicles To Beat the Heat

July 13, 2021
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Over 20 Healthy Homemade Popsicles To Beat the Heat

Over 20 Healthy Homemade Popsicles To Beat the Heat

Homemade popsicles are quintessentially summer, just ask anybody! We encourage you to fill your freezer with a variety of the fruit-filled, coffee-laced, breakfast-inspired, and boozy hand-crafted popsicles below.

Easy recipes for fruit-filled homemade popsicles!

Whether you have an overflowing garden or a haul from the U-pick farm, chances are at some point this summer you will need to use up a surplus of produce. Homemade popsicles are a great way to extend the shelf life of berries, stone fruit, and even cucumbers!

Red, white and blue popsicles in a bowl of ice.

Red, White and Blue Homemade Popsicles

Fresh summer berries and cherries pair perfectly with creamy vanilla yogurt in these popsicles that are great for breakfast or dessert.

Cucumber Limeaide Popsicles

These homemade popsicles from This Mess is Ours are a refreshing blend of fresh cucumber, lime juice, and ginger all sweetened up and frozen into a refreshing pop. 

A cucumber Limeaid homemade popsicle on a bed of ice, cucumber wheels and lime wheels.

Frozen Banana Popsicles

These easy homemade popsicles from G Free Foodie are a kid favorite, but fun for adults too! No popsicle molds are required. Everyone can create their own, customized with personal toppings.

Kiwi Almond Popsicles with Dark Chocolate

These popsicles combine fresh kiwi fruit in a yogurt-based mixture with dark chocolate and slivered almonds. Try not to have two! We dare you.

Homemade popsciles with yogurt, chocolate and kiwi fruit slices.

Strawberry Basil Paletas

It’s pretty hard to go wrong when luscious berries are infused with the bright herbaceousness from the basil in these epic fruit-filled paletas from A Girl Defloured!

Blueberry Lemon Verbena Popsicles

Lemon verbena is a wonderful herb for gardeners to grow! It has tall, slender leaves and an addictive perfume of fresh zested lemon rinds. These popsicles from Hola Jalapeno really showcase this herb and how it pairs perfectly with fresh blueberries.

Homemade popsicles, lemon blueberry verbena flavored on a tray with ice underneath it.
A colorful Rainbow Paletas and Fresh Fruit Board. Styled in a color wheel.

Rainbow Paletas and Fresh Fruit Board

Here is a tip from The Delicious Life, paletas look exactly like popsicles, are a kind of popsicle, but are nothing like popsicles. They are more of a frozen refreshment on a “palo” (stick) made from fresh fruit, either in a water/juice base with pieces of fruit, or a cream/milk base with chocolate, vanilla, spices, and nuts.

Tropical Tangerine Turmeric Pops

These Tropical Tangerine Turmeric popsicles, aka Pious Pops, from Displaced Housewife, are on our must-make list! Loaded with Greek yogurt, tangerines, collagen peptides, and coconut, these pops offer serious tropical vibes. Think of it as a smoothie bowl-meets-popsicle situation.

California Avocado Chocolate Popsicles

California Avocado, yogurt, simple syrup, chocolate, and pistachios are a great combination for these frozen treats.

Key Lime California Avocado Pops

If you like key lime pie, you are going to love these frozen key lime pops. Made with fresh key limes and California Avocado and topped with white chocolate and crushed graham crackers, these pops have a delicious sweet-tart flavor, creamy texture, and yummy goodness. 

Homemade Breakfast Popsicles for easy, portable breakfasts all summer long!

Breakfast, in homemade popsicle form? Somebody pinch me! Not only are the popsicles below filled with good-for-you ingredients to kick start your day. But, they are easy to make in batches and perfectly portable for hectic mornings.

Chocolate Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

Indulge your chocolate cravings first thing in the morning with these decadent, but still good for you, breakfast popsicles from Real California Milk.

Blueberry Oatmeal Yogurt Popsicles

These easy-to-make breakfast popsicles from California Blueberries are chock full of healthy goodness, but taste like a treat. Kids and adults alike will enjoy them!

Black Mission Fig and Almond Popsicle recipe

Black Mission Fig and Almond Homemade Popsicles

Store-bought Greek yogurt ( made with Real CA Milk of course!) combined with sliced almonds and those beautiful fresh figs create a perfect breakfast popsicle that packs a powerfully nutritious punch. 

Yogurt and Granola Breakfast Pops

These homemade popsicles from This Mess is Ours are great for breakfast and do double duty as a healthy dessert. Mix and match flavors to your heart’s desire!

Vietnamese Coffee Popsicles

These Vietnamese coffee popsicles from Salt & Wind deliver a caffeine jolt while melting slowly to maximize the chill factor and help you cool down while caffeinating on a hot day.

Peanut Butter Crunch Popsicles

These plant-based homemade popsicles from This Mess is Ours are topped off with crunchy peanut butter and chocolate breakfast cereal.

Peanut Butter Crunch Homemade Popsicles in a big bowl filled with ice. The popsicles have peanut butter crunch cereal frozen to the bottom.

Strawberry Yogurt Breakfast Popsicles

These EPIC breakfast popsicles from Real California Milk are borderline addictive! You just can’t beat the combination of yogurt, fresh berries, and jam.

Creamy Berry Breakfast Popsicles

These popsicles are loaded with creamy California Avocados and lots of fresh berries for a ice cold treat that will help you kick start your day!

Five creamy berry avopcado breakfast popsicles

Adults only, cocktail inspired homemade popsicles!

Boozy homemade popsicles have been on trend for a few years now and we are BIG fans! Just be sure you clearly mark these spiked popsicles when storing them in the freezer and keep them out of the reach of the kiddos.

Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles on a plate surrounded by orange wedges.

Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles

These popsicles from Salt & Wind marry the age-old American ice cream truck creamsicle with a good dose of Limoncello for these very adult Limoncello Creamsicle Popsicles.

Watermelon Paloma Popsicles

There is nothing quite as refreshing as boozy, homemade popsicles on a hot summer day! These paloma inspired pops from Baking the Goods combine fresh watermelon, grapefruit, and lime juices with tequila and sparkling grapefruit soda. The fresh juices are frozen into an icy cool layered popsicle then topped with coarse sea salt to serve!

A layered homemade popsicle recipe with a white lower level and a yellow upper level.

Painkiller Cocktail Popsicles

If you haven’t had a Painkiller cocktail it’s like an amped-up piña colada with coconut, pineapple, orange juice, nutmeg or cinnamon, and, of course, rum, which, of course, is like a dream come true when it comes to popsicle flavors. Salt & Wind’s spiked orange pineapple ice pop stacked on a toasted coconut-cinnamon rum situation has us seriously weak in the knees!  

Strawberry Aperol Spritz Poptails

If you are a fan of the slightly sweet meets bitter flavor of a traditional Aperol Spritz then these pops from This Mess is Ours are for you, just be sure you keep them in the freezer until you are ready to serve them because they do melt a bit quicker than traditional pops due to the alcohol content. 

Share your homemade popsicles creations with us by snapping a pic and tagging us on social using #CAGROWN. 

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