Amazing Pomegranate Recipes


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Amazing Pomegranate Recipes

December 4, 2019
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Amazing Pomegranate Recipes

These incredibly delicious Pomegranate Recipes show you how to enjoy pomegranates in almost every way! Get ready for pomegranate goodness.

The crown jewel of Fall has arrived!  

Pomegranates are beautiful to admire with their crimson skins and globe-like structures.  I always buy an abundance to use in my holiday home décor and in my recipes.  I use them for cooking and whatever is leftover stays on the counter to look amazing!

Besides their beautiful outer qualities, it’s what’s on the inside that we are talking about today.  

Pomegranates can be used whole, juiced, or made into a syrup.  The sky is the limit! (Pro tip: the ruby red seeds inside are called “arils” – they contain the seed & the juice.)

I’m sharing with you some of the best pomegranate recipes I’ve found and can’t wait for you to see them!

Pomegranate Appetizers:

Apple, Brie and Pomegranate Flatbread

Get the recipe for this Apple, Brie and Pomegranate Flatbread from our friends at Real CA Milk – it’s best paired with sparkling wine (from California of course!) but you do you.

Seared Scallops with Pomegranate Drizzle

Speaking of using pomegranate arils in a appetizer that can double as a main dish, how about this recipe from G-Free Foodie?  Seared Scallops with Pomegranate Drizzle has me weak in the knees!

Endive Cups with Pancetta and Pomegranate from G-Free Foodie

Endive Cups with Pancetta + Pomegranate

Feeling fancy? These Endive Cups from G-Free Foodie are an elegant alternative to a traditional salad. Stuffed with savory cheese and pancetta, and then accented with sweet and tangy pomegranate arils, this appetizer would work beautifully with your favorite California Merlot.

Savory Pomegranate Recipes & Salads:

Maple Roasted Butternut Squash with Cream and Pomegranate

Butternut squash is in abundance right now in the Golden State, so this recipe from Sweet Laurel is a perfect Farmer’s Market dish. This Maple Roasted Butternut Squash with Cream and Pomegranate hits all the Fall notes!


Autumn “Caprese” with California Grown Persimmon and Pomegranate

Sarah of The Delicious Life says that there is no absolute way to arrange the ingredients on the platter. She likes to keep each of the ingredients generally together, and everything arranged in rainbow-ish order. However, she says tossing everything into a bowl probably works, too.

Pomegranate Burrata Salad

Looking to incorporate a little green on your table?  Try this lovely Pomegranate Burrata Salad from Displaced Housewife.  Chock full of goodness and tossed in a tasty Pomegranate Vinaigrette, this salad might be the star of dinner!

Fall Nourish Bowls

Hearty and wonderful, these Fall Nourish Bowls from Damn Delicious  check all the boxes for what I like on a plate!

Achiote Beef Tacos with Pomegranate Salsa

Hola Jalapeño created a Pomegranate Salsa for her Achiote Beef Tacos and they are amazing!  So fresh and vibrant, waiting to be devoured.

Pomegranate Skillet Chicken

If you’re looking to kick your chicken up a notch, try this beautiful Pomegranate Skillet Chicken from Waves in the Kitchen.  It’s easy and so delicious!

Moroccan Carrot Salad with Pomegranate

Simple, flavorful and delicious.  Three qualities of this Moroccan Carrot Salad with Pomegranate from Naturally Ella that I can’t stop dreaming about!

Pomegranate Desserts:

Cheesecake with Pears and Pomegranate

Luscious and silky smooth, this Cheesecake with Pears and Pomegranate from The Bojon Gourmet is decadent and beautifully festive on your plate!

Chocolate Pomegranate Tart

This Chocolate Pomegranate Tart from Yes to Yolks is screaming my name.  Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, all topped with pomegranate arils is like a dream come true!

Chocolate Pomegranate Parfaits

I love an easy and delicious parfait so these Chocolate Pomegranate Parfaits from Displaced Housewife are at the top of my Christmas Dessert list!

Lemon Pomegranate Cookie Bars

How amazing are these Lemon Pomegranate Cookie Bars from Eat The Love?  Pillowy soft cookie topped with sweet icing and tasty pom arils.

Pomegranate Cocktails:

Pomegranate Moscow Mule

And last but certainly not least, our very own Pomegranate Moscow Mule.  We show you how to satisfy your adult guests and the easiest way to juice a pom!  


Persimmon & Pomegranate Thanksgiving Sangria

Persimmon & Pomegranate Thanksgiving Sangria

When it comes to festive cocktails it just doesn’t get more beautiful than this persimmon-inspired sangria from Jerry James Stone!

pomegranate martini recipe from G-Free Foodie

Fresh Pomegranate Martini

Fresh Pomegranate Martini: our favorite pomegranate juice cocktail recipe, from our friend G-Free Foodie! It’s a perfect combination of tart, sweet and refreshing.

Enjoy these fabulous pomegranate recipes – let us know your favorite below!

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