The Best Olive Oil Tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company


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The Best Olive Oil Tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company

July 21, 2023
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The Best Olive Oil Tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company

The Best Olive Oil Tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company

In the heart of Southern California is the Olive View Ranch. The ranch offers a lush and fertile landscape that creates an idyllic haven for the Temecula Olive Oil Company. The captivating allure of this extraordinary olive oil sanctuary is brought to life by the enticing Mediterranean climate and the company’s relentless commitment to quality.

The Journey of Establishing Temecula Olive Oil Company

“It was my wife Nancy and our friend Catherine Pepe who started the whole thing,” recollects Thom Curry. Thom is a company founder of Temecula Olive Oil Company, located a couple of hours from Los Angeles. An hour from San Diego and about an hour and a half from Orange County, the countryside tranquility of the place blends with the buzz of California’s vibrant cities.

From Vineyards to Olive Groves: Thom’s Intriguing Shift

Thom’s initial fascination with wine led him on an unexpected journey toward the world of olive oil. He worked his way through college as a sommelier. His study of wine led him to a deep appreciation for viticulture. He sees similarities between the wine business and the olive oil industry -similarities instrumental in his shift towards “the olive culture side of things”. Seeing a promising opportunity in the premium category of the olive oil market, Thom and Nancy brought their combined knowledge from the wine business to the relatively less crowded landscape of premium olive oil production, which continues to grow as consumers develop a palate for high-quality, artisanal products.

The Essence of California in Every Drop of Temecula Olive Oil

“California consistently produces high-quality olive oil, and the key thing about olive oil is it is fruit juice,” explains Thom. He emphasizes that the freshness and quality of the fruit are pivotal in producing top-notch olive oil. California’s optimal climate allows them to grow high-quality fruit, which in turn, leads to the production of superior olive oil.

The Temecula Olive Oil Co-Crush Difference: Infused vs. Co-Crush Oils

At Temecula Olive Oil Company, flavoring isn’t just about infusing oils; it’s about co-crushing. Co-crushing keeps the process cold, creating high-quality olive oil. This process preserves the health benefits and the robust flavor. It also allows a mix of the essential oils from the fruit or herbs. Thom is passionate about co-crushing and says it not only enhances the flavor but also maintains the quality of the olive oil.

Beyond Liquid Gold: A Diverse Product Range

While olive oil is the star of the show, Thom speaks fondly of the range of other products Temecula Olive Oil Company offers. From vinegars that complement their olive oils to bath and body products made from olive oil, the company has an enticing assortment of goods. They even sell Olive Leaf Tea which Thom says a cup every morning is the key to his optimal health.

The surprising health benefits of olive leaf tea:

Olive leaf tea can help keep your heart healthy by lowering bad cholesterol levels. Its anti-inflammatory properties help soothe your body, aid in reducing blood pressure, and boost circulation by easing the tension in your arteries.

A Vision for Sustainability: Multifaceted Approaches

Sustainability at Temecula Olive Oil Company goes beyond maintaining ecological balance. Here sustainability is about continually improving the quality of their practices and products. The philosophy extends from their farming practices to their business operations and educational initiatives. Thom highlights the importance of understanding where food comes from and their efforts to spread this knowledge.

Engaging with Community: Partnerships and Education

Temecula Olive Oil Company’s community engagement ranges from partnering with local farmers to educational activities. Their tasting rooms act as hubs for the community. They bring people together and provide a platform for Thom and his team to educate visitors about the intricacies of their olive oil and production process.

The Hidden Oasis: An Ecosystem Woven Into an Olive Grove

Upon entering the grounds of the Temecula Olive Oil Company’s Olive View Ranch, visitors are greeted with more than just an olive grove. Thom and his team focus on fostering a diverse ecosystem, cultivating everything from pollinators to edible plants and flowers. This unique approach underpins the quality and sustainability of their products.

Visitors at the ranch can wander through the property to enjoy Mother Nature at her finest. Then they can saddle up to the tasting bar, where they can experience Temecula’s finest olive oil for themselves.

California Olive Oil: A Testament to Quality and Freshness

At the heart of our discussion, Thom emphasized California’s distinct advantages in the olive oil industry. As one of the only states able to consistently produce quality olive oil, the freshness of this ‘fruit juice’ is paramount. He hopes to educate consumers about the necessity of checking labels for production location and dates to ensure the freshest product. With one of the world’s best climates, California grows high-quality fruit, resulting in excellent fruit juice, or in this case, premium olive oil.

Thom and Nancy’s commitment to the swift delivery of fresh olive oil from their California olive groves to consumers’ tables, is an act of love for their olives, olive oil, and the consumer experience.

This article was written by Meg van der Kruik. Photo credit James Collier for California Grown.

3 thoughts on “The Best Olive Oil Tasting at Temecula Olive Oil Company

  1. Hey there!

    I am absolutely thrilled to have stumbled upon this informative and captivating blog post about Temecula Olive Oil. It’s evident that the writers at California Grown are incredibly passionate about sharing their knowledge and love for all things olive oil!

    The comprehensive details provided in the blog have opened my eyes to the art of olive oil production and the unique aspects of Temecula’s olive groves. I never knew the region had such a rich history and commitment to sustainable farming practices. Kudos to Temecula Olive Oil Company for their dedication to preserving the environment while producing top-quality olive oil.

    Thank you, California Grown, for shining a spotlight on Temecula Olive Oil and introducing us to this delectable world of olive oil goodness!

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