California Produce Is Always In Season At In Bloom In Paso Robles


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California Produce Is Always In Season At In Bloom In Paso Robles

January 12, 2024
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California Produce Is Always In Season At In Bloom In Paso Robles

California Produce Is Always In Season At In Bloom In Paso Robles

In Bloom Restaurant | Owners (l to r) Nicole and Chris Haisma

Nicole Haisma feels lucky to live in an area with such an incredible bounty of produce. She and her husband, Chris, transplanted from city life in Chicago to the small town of Paso Robles to open the much-talked-about-restaurant, In Bloom. While many move to California for the weather, Chris and Nicole were drawn to the Central Coast by the incredible produce and world-class wines.

The couple aimed to build a team that cared as much about celebrating California agriculture as they do. They found that in Executive Chef Ron Frazier. He puts it best when he notes, “You can’t have a good bowl of soup, good bowl of pasta, good wine, without first a field or farm and much less the people who work them.” Nestled in the heart of Paso Robles, In Bloom restaurant is a gem. It is perfect for food enthusiasts seeking a creative farm-to-table dining experience in this charming wine country town.

A Day In The Life At In Bloom

We recently spent a day at In Bloom as the restaurant prepared for that night’s service. From the fresh macerated strawberries to the hand shaking of cocktails, it is clear that the aim is to create a thoughtful experience that provides a snapshot of the season’s bounty while keeping sustainability top of mind.

Get To Know Agriculture In Paso Robles

Nicole and Chris had been visiting Paso Robles for years before moving. Both the wine and local food drew them to the region. That’s no surprise since San Luis Obispo County has a rich history in farming.

Stepladder Ranch and Creamery

Across the county, strawberries, wine grapes, avocados, broccoli, and cauliflower are the most commonly planted crops. But you’ll also find tree nuts, stone fruit, olives, squash, and so much more as you visit local farms. While Paso Robles enjoys fame as wine country, numerous farms produce everything from local honey to olive oil.

The Paso Robles Food Scene

Paso Robles, or “Paso” according to locals, is a quaint town with views of rolling vineyards all around. Established in the 19th century, this picturesque town has recently become a local food and wine lover’s paradise. Nicole commented that people hear “wine country” and often think “pretentious,” but that couldn’t be farther from the truth regarding Paso Robles. There, the focus is on what’s fresh and local but with a laid-back, creative, and welcoming vibe.

aerial view of paso robles

In Bloom Food Philosophy

Aida Mollenkamp enjoying a meal at In Bloom in Paso Robles

One of the town’s newer additions to Paso town is the Paso Market Walk. It’s a vibrant gathering place for local food, artisan shops, and restaurants. Two locally-owned restaurants, Finca and In Bloom, bookend the block, and both are worthy of a visit. Here, In Bloom has carved out its niche as a farm-to-table restaurant dedicated to celebrating the bounty of California’s Central Coast. The commitment to supporting local farms and purveyors is evident in every aspect of the restaurant. Commitment is evident from the menu to the decor and the name, highlighting its dedication to using what’s in season.

Produce-Driven Cuisine with a Twist

In the kitchen, chef Ron and his team aim to work with all stages of the plant, from sprouts to vines to flowers. Thoughtful crafting goes into each dish, highlighting the freshness and quality of the locally sourced ingredients. Chef Ron and his team take pride in presenting produce-driven dishes with an elegant execution that includes unexpected twists. They create a dining experience that is both sophisticated and comforting.

a table full of the incredible dishes served at in bloom restaurant including strawberries and zucchini

Working With Local Ingredients

The In Bloom team has forged direct relationships with nearby farms, ensuring the freshest seasonal produce graces their menus. They work closely with farms to plan the menu month in advance. This allows them to ensure they’ll best highlight what is growing. This not only elevates the quality of dishes but also supports the region’s agricultural community.

The chefs at in bloom tasting locally grown produce from Mount Olive Organic

The menu denotes just a few of local farms they work with. The list includes Sierra Honey Farms, Mt. Olive Organic Farms, Mighty Cap Mushrooms, Good Witch Farm, Campbell Ranch, Chavez Farms, and Half Moon Bay Wasabi.

Signature Seasonal Produce-Driven Dishes:

Here is a snapshot of some seasonal dishes and unique flavor combinations that we tasted when we visited In Bloom:

Baby Squash

Made with Campbell Farms grilled squash and zucchini and served on a rosé beurre blanc (the rosé beurre blanc features a special vinegar made in-house using Grenache from local winery Fulldraw), caramelized white chocolate, and rice crumble made with Rancho Gordo rice.


A play on Pasta alla Norma, this is a nod to local producer Maria, who sells at the San Luis Obispo farmers market. This dish has tomato fonduta, local corn and cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds, and parmesan.

Burrata + Berries

Macerated Chavez Farms strawberries combine with chili crunch, white balsamic vinegar and peach gel, and served with sourdough.

a strawberry and burrata dish from In Bloom restaurant

Chef’s Tasting Menu

a mushroom dish served at In Bloom

For those seeking an immersive culinary experience, InBloom offers a chef’s tasting menu that changes regularly. This allows Chef Ron to experiment with seasonal ingredients and surprise guests with a curated journey through Central California’s flavors.

A Wine List as Rich as the Surrounding Vineyards

Its Mediterranean climate and diverse soil types make Paso Robles ideal for winemaking, and it is home to numerous wineries, producing world-class wines ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel.
In keeping with Paso Robles’ wine tradition, In Bloom offers a wine list that showcases the finest Central California wines. From the robust reds of Paso Robles itself to the crisp whites of the Central Coast, the selection complements the restaurant’s farm-to-table ethos.

house wine served at in bloom restaurant in paso robles
Carrot Margarita at In Bloom in Paso Robles

Sustainability as a Guiding Principle

Sustainability is a priority at In Bloom, which is so evident in their beverage program. The bar team works with the kitchen to creatively use excess produce in their cocktails such as the carrots used in the “Clever Margarita” and the beets used in the “Beet It” rum cocktail.

Visit In Bloom Restaurant

By thoughtfully sourcing local ingredients and infusing unexpected twists into their dishes, In Bloom offers a dining experience that captures the essence of Paso Robles’ farm-to-table culinary scene. Book a reservation to try the latest iteration of the Chef’s menu. Or snag a seat at the bar to kick off your Paso Robles food adventure with their creative cocktails.

In Bloom Restaurant | Team (l to r): Chriis Haisma, Chef Ron Fraizer, Nicole Haisma | October 2023

Have A Paso Robles Agritourism Adventure

Pair a dinner at In Bloom with farm visits and wine tasting throughout the Paso Robles area. Be sure also to check out these twelve things to do for food lovers in Paso Robles. Then you can round out your Central Coast agritourism experience!

The dining room of In Bloom Restaurant in Paso Robles in October 2023

In Bloom

1845 Spring St, Paso Robles, CA 93446
Open Tuesday to Sunday for dinner

Article by Aida Mollenkamp. Photography by Salt and Wind.

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