The Flower Fields: A Tapestry of Color Along the California Coast


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The Flower Fields: A Tapestry of Color Along the California Coast

July 2, 2024
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The Flower Fields: A Tapestry of Color Along the California Coast

The Flower Fields: A Tapestry of Color Along the California Coast

Each spring, the coastal city of Carlsbad in Southern California transforms into a vivid spectacle of blossoming flowers. The Flower Fields, spread across over 50 acres, become a palette of vibrant colors and sweet scents that draw thousands of visitors from around the world. This iconic bloom not only marks the arrival of spring but also celebrates the rich agricultural history of the region. They are a testament to the beauty of cultivated nature. We recently had the chance to visit the Flower Fields in peak bloom and to speak with Lizbeth Ecke, 4th generation farmer, whose family owns and operates the farm.

blooming flower fields in carlsbad

The Roots of Beauty

The history of the Flower Fields at Carlsbad Ranch® dates back nearly a century. It began with Luther Gage, an early settler and horticulturist who planted the first Ranunculus seeds in the early 1920s. Over the decades, the operation grew under the care of the Frazee family and Edwin Frazee becoming a renowned grower of Ranunculus flowers. By the 1960s, the fields had moved to their current location in Carlsbad. Here, the mild climate and coastal breezes proved ideal for flower growing.

The business evolved significantly in the 1990s when the Ecke family, who were famous for their poinsettias, took over. They transformed the commercial flower fields into a tourist destination, opening up the vibrant floral beauty to the public. They also began embedding innovative agricultural practices that ensured sustainability and the preservation of the land.

“The flower fields were here. They’ve been here, but they weren’t open to the public. People always tried to come, which was actually part of the motivation. All these people would just show up and we needed to kind of corral them because it’s kind of hard to do agriculture and have people just wander through. So we decided to make it a real thing,” says Lizbeth.

A Spring Spectacle

Today, the Flower Fields are more than just a farm. They are a seasonal attraction that offers breathtaking views of rolling hills blanketed in color. The main attraction is the Giant Tecolote Ranunculus, which are known for their rose-like layers of petals and an array of colors. Think vibrant oranges, sunny yellows, deep reds, and pristine whites.

“It’s like going to a big garden center, except it’s really a working farm. So you’re going to see people working in the fields. You’re going to have dirt paths. You’re going to see a spectacular array of rainbow of color. We plant everything in different bands of color,” Lizbeth says.

Visitors can also feast their eyes on other floral varieties such as roses, orchids, sweet pea blossoms, and an assortment of perennials and annuals. The fields are strategically planted to create a flowing spectrum of colors that peak during March and April, presenting an ever-changing landscape of hues and textures.

“There’s a big difference between going to a beautiful botanical garden, which I love, and going to the flower fields here where it’s ag in progress. People can see people cutting plants and then they can go to their grocery store and they can say, Oh, I just saw where those were being cut,” explains Lizbeth.

the flower fields strawberry shake shack

What to Expect as a Visitor

The experience of visiting the Carlsbad Flower Fields is immersive and engaging. One can take a guided wagon tour through the fields to learn about the floral varieties or the history of the farm. One could also simply stroll the pathways to experience the blooms up close. The fields are also equipped with special themed gardens. Themes include a miniature rose garden, a Mediterranean garden and the enchanting Artist’s Garden where the colors and arrangements change annually.

Though peak ranunculus season is March and April, there is something to see all season long.

“If you walk in the doors right now, you’re gonna see a total amazing 50 acres of color. I mean, right now we’re in full bloom and you can’t describe it. It really is spectacular. But in addition to the ranunculus, we have sunflowers that hopefully will come into bloom here soon,” says Lizbeth. “We have a you-pick blueberry area. We have a cymbidium greenhouse. There is a poinsettia greenhouse that gives the history of my family and the poinsettia business. We have lots of themed gardens, a butterfly garden, we have wonderful places for you to have pictures taken,” she adds.

Fun for all Ages

In addition to welcoming families for visits, the Flower Fields also hosts 7,000 school children each year from pre-K through 5th grade. “They get to learn about the life cycle of ranunculi, and learn about composting and hold worms.” Lizbeth smiles, “They get very excited about holding worms. They learn about being water-wise. We’re trying to create the next generation of farmers, or at least flower lovers and gardeners,” she adds. 

Seasonal Activities and Events

Each season at the Flower Fields is marked by a series of events and activities that celebrate the blooms and invite community participation. From the whimsical Easter celebration with children’s crafts and face painting to the Mother’s Day celebrations amidst the flowers, the fields offer something for everyone.

Photography classes, yoga sessions among the flowers, and live music events are also part of the seasonal offerings. For the more adventurous, there is the Sweet Pea Maze, where one can wander amidst the fragrant blossoms, finding a moment of peace and joy in the challenge of the maze. And you absolutely don’t want to miss treating yourself to their famous Strawberry Milkshake!

An Ongoing Legacy

As the Carlsbad Flower Fields continue to thrive, they proudly represent the region’s agricultural history and a commitment to beauty and conservation. The fields are not only a feast for the eyes but also a vital educational resource. They teach sustainable farming practices and the importance of preserving natural beauty in an ever-changing world.

Lizbeth and her family are passionate about bringing people into their farm. They give visitors a deeper understanding of what it takes to be a farmer. “It’s really hard work. And people are giving their heart and soul into that whole thing because they enjoy providing things for people for the consumer,” shares Lizbeth. 

She also wants to encourage everyone to support their local farmers. “It keeps your neighbors employed. And it’s more environmentally sound. If you live in California and you can buy flowers that were grown right in your own backyard, that takes a lot less overall energy and time than it does to get something from overseas,” she adds.

Elizabeth Ecke in a field of flowers

Whether you’re a local or a traveler, a visit to the Carlsbad Flower Fields is a mesmerizing experience. It’s a place where nature’s beauty is celebrated and preserved, and where each visitor can find a moment of peace amid the blooms. The Carlsbad Flower Fields remain a cherished jewel of Southern California, with beauty and inspiration with every spring.

Visit the Flower Fields

woman riding tractor at the flower fields in carlsbad, CA

Open March through Mother’s Day


5704 Paseo del Norte 

Carlsbad, CA 92008


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Article written by Alison Needham for California Grown. Images by James Collier 

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