The Best Vegetarian Taco Meat: Mushroom Carnitas And Avocado Salsa


There’s nothing quite like the vibrant, fresh flavors of California, and today we’re diving into a dish that brings all of that straight to your kitchen: vegetarian tacos featuring mouth-watering mushroom carnitas paired with a creamy avocado cilantro salsa. This isn’t just a meal; it’s an experience, celebrating the best of what California produce has to offer.

Forget what you thought about mushrooms being just a side dish. In California, mushrooms are grown with such care and precision, especially at places like Far West Fungi, where the art of mushroom cultivation is taken to new heights.

Why reach for mushrooms when making tacos? The answer is simple: texture, taste, and a touch of environmental kindness.

While you could choose all sorts of types of mushrooms to make delicious taco fillings we are partial to King Oyster Mushrooms for this particular recipe.

King Oyster Mushrooms aren’t ordinary mushrooms at all; they’re a meaty, flavorful base perfect for creating the richest, most satisfying vegetarian carnitas for tacos that you will ever have. Their firm bite seriously rivals pulled pork to the point that it’s wild!

A taco without salsa is like a day without sunshine, especially in California. Our Avocado Cilantro Salsa, made with ripe avocados, fresh cilantro, and a squeeze of lime, brings a creamy, zesty kick to your mushroom carnitas tacos, making each bite a blend of flavors that’s just irresistible.

March through September is avocado season here in the Golden State, and we couldn’t possibly be any more excited! California’s blend of passionate farmers and the state’s sun-kissed climate create an idyllic setting for these creamy fruits to thrive. Like a Mediterranean paradise, California’s weather provides the ultimate nurturing ground, allowing avocados to blossom under the care of those who know and love the land deeply.

While we love to just dunk our crispy vegetarian tacos straight into Avocado Cilantro Salsa, there are all sorts of ways you can customize this taco recipe to your liking. California offers a smorgasbord of fresh veggies that’ll add layers of flavor and texture to your tacos. Swipe up to get some delicious ideas!

May we suggest a savory Sangrita Shandy with a delightful avocado garnish? An important component of a Shandy is the effervescence. That’s why this recipe calls for dry sparkling wine from California in place of the beer that is typically used to make a Shandy. Instead of using sweetened lemonade for the flavor base, we use our savory Sangrita mix, which transforms this classic drink into a juicy shandy with a bit of a spicy bite!



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