How To Roast Grapes: A Delicious And Healthy Snack


Let’s take a deep dive into the surprisingly versatile and delicious world of roasted grapes. If these gems have never made their way from your crisper drawer to the oven before, you’re in for a real treat! California-grown table grapes are grown in some of the most fertile soil in the world and harvested under the perfect conditions for maximum flavor and nutrition.

You might be wondering, “What exactly are roasted grapes?” Simple! They’re just like your everyday grapes, but once tossed with olive oil and roasted, they transform into juicy, flavor-packed morsels that literally burst in your mouth.

What are roasted grapes?

California Dreaming: The Best Table Grapes for Roasting

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When it comes to sourcing grapes for your upcoming roasting adventures, look no further than table grapes from sunny California. Our grapes are literally bursting with flavor and packed with nutrients too!

For over 200 years, Californians have meticulously honed the art of grape cultivation. Presently, a staggering 99% of table grapes consumed across the U.S. are proudly produced in California. The region’s warm, dry climate creates the perfect grape-growing conditions that farmers have capitalized on for generations. With 90 different grape varieties, California offers a rainbow of colors from green, to red, and black.

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Beyond their delicious taste, roasted grapes offer a wealth of health benefits. Packed full of antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber, they’re a snack you can feel good about indulging in daily.

1. Search for grape bunches with green, flexible stems and full, plump berries.

Tips for selecting table grapes at the store.

2. Notice a waxy, white coating that gives a frosted look to dark-colored grapes? That’s called bloom, and it’s a good sign! This natural substance helps to protect grapes from losing moisture and decaying.

Tips for selecting table grapes at the store.

3. To extend their shelf life, keep table grapes unwashed in the refrigerator. Rinse them with cold water just before you’re ready to eat them.

Tips for selecting table grapes at the store.

1. Always refrigerate table grapes for maximum shelf life. 2. Store unwashed and dry; rinse before serving. 3. Avoid storing compressed or squeezed. 4. Do not store grapes next to onions or leeks to avoid odor absorption.

How to store grapes once you take them home:

Mastering the Art of Roasting Grapes: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the roasting process. First, place clean grapes on or off the stem on a sheet pan. Drizzle on a small amount of almond or olive oil. Use your hands to coat the individual grapes with the oil. Roast in a 400-degree oven for 15-20 minutes.

How to make sweet potato crostini in your toaster.

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I have been making simple snacks and breakfasts with sweetpotatoes cooked this way for years. In just a few cycles on your toaster’s highest heat setting you can cook sweet potato slices and make perfect sweet potato “toast”. I like mine a little toasty, crisp on the edges, and perfectly tender throughout the center – which takes my toaster about 4 passes.

How to make a delicious herbed cheese spread.

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– You can apply this technique to any cheese like goat cheese, cream cheese, or whipped feta that has been softened to room temperature. – Place 4 ounces of softened cheese in a food processor. – Add the juice of 1/2 a lemon. – Two heaping tablespoons of fresh rosemary needles, minced. – One teaspoon of chile flakes. – A generous pinch or two of coarse kosher salt to taste. Blend until everything is incorporated, taste for salt, add more if necessary.

TO ASSEMBLE THE ROASTED GRAPE & GOAT CHEESE SWEET POTATO CROSTINI: Spread a thin layer of the herbed cheese on a toasted sweet potato slice. Top with roasted grapes and lemon zest. This treat can be served warm or at room temperature.



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