How to Make This Recipe For Apple Dumplings (and How to Fail)


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Trust me when I say that everyone’s culinary background is sprinkled with a delicious mix of triumphs and kitchen catastrophes. Today, we’re diving into a dish that offers room for both: apple dumplings. Whether you’re a pastry aficionado or a baking novice ready for a challenge, this adventure is full of sweet rewards and learning curves. But whether your apple dumplings are the picture of perfection or they’re literally bursting at the seams, this dessert is still incredibly delicious thanks to the California-grown apples nestled inside.

Let’s start with the basics, what exactly are apple dumplings? Imagine a pastry crust enveloping a whole, spice-infused apple, baked to perfection until the crust is tender and flaky and the apple hiding inside practically melts in your mouth.

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What are the Essential California-grown Ingredients Needed to Make Apple Dumplings?

 California Granny Smith Apples: When purchasing apples for making apple dumplings, opt for ones that are firm, with no bruising, soft spots, or insect holes. The apples should feel slightly heavy for their size. Also, apples on the larger side work better in this recipe; we found approximately 222 grams to be the perfect size apple for making apple dumplings.

California Walnuts: When storing walnuts, it’s best to not store them in the pantry. Instead, keep them in the refrigerator for up to a few weeks or the freezer for longer periods of time.

California Raisins: While any type of California raisin will work in this recipe, we used dried-on-vine raisins. Forget everything you thought you knew about California raisins, because dried-on-vine raisins are shaking up the industry, literally! 

Temecula Olive Oil Company’s Date Vanilla Balsamic: While we love the flavor of this particular balsamic vinegar, you can substitute 2 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar plus 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract in this recipe.

Gather ingredients.

Toast and finely mince walnuts.

Add to cinnamon & brown sugar mixture.

 Combine raisins and date caramel.

Roll out pie dough & cut into squares.

Core and peel apples.

Roll in walnut mixture.

Place on dough square & fill with caramel

Wrap with dough.

Decorate and chill.

Combine vinegars & sugar in a saucepan,

Add butter & cook until sugar is melted,

Ladle over chilled apple dumplings then bake.

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