Cooking With Canned Peaches

California Grown

This quick and easy Honey Garlic Chicken with Peach Salsa recipe is a celebration of summer. 

Honey Garlic Chicken – boneless chicken breasts – fresh thyme – cloves garlic diced – smoked paprika – Extra Virgin Olive Oil –  honey – lemon juice – salt and pepper


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For the Peach Salsa – canned California cling peaches sliced – jalapeño diced – cilantro chopped – fresh mint chopped – red onion diced – grape tomatoes quartered – chili powder – limes juiced – Extra Virgin Olive Oil – salt as desired


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Combine thyme, garlic, paprika, olive oil, honey, and lemon juice


Sear chicken and add marinade.


Make salsa by combining ingredients in a large bowl.


Top chicken with peach salsa and enjoy!

Some things never go out of style, or out of season, like canned California Peaches. You can never have too many recipes with canned peaches!.

How are canned peaches packed for consumers?

California Cling peaches are picked when they’re perfectly ripe, and packed in cans, jars, and cups within 48 hours. This preserves peak freshness.

Which state grows the most peaches?

California grows more peaches than the other 32 peach-growing states combined!

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