An Easy Cantaloupe Granita Recipe: The Perfect Summer Treat


Summer – it’s a season that evokes visions of vibrant colors, warm sun-filled days, and an array of delicious, refreshing foods. One such quintessential summer treat is our delicious Cantaloupe Granita. Served on its own or complemented with our Sweet and Salty California Pistachio Brittle, this dessert is sure to impress

What is a granita?

A granita is a refreshing frozen dessert that originated in Italy. It is made by freezing a mixture of water, sugar, and various flavorings, such as fruit juices, coffee, or even wine. The process of making a granita involves repeatedly scraping the partially frozen mixture with a fork to create a granular texture. This results in a light and icy dessert with a slushy consistency.

Granitas are often served as a palate cleanser between courses in a meal or enjoyed as a cooling treat during hot summer days. This spectacular dessert can be made in a wide range of flavors and customized to suit your liking, making them a truly versatile dessert option for any type of eater.

The Star Ingredient: California Cantaloupe

Before deiving into the fine details of making this refreshing treat, let’s shine a light on the main component of our dessert – the California Cantaloupe. Here in the Golden State, we’re proud to say we’re the biggest melon producers in the United States, thanks to our fertile landscapes in the Southern Desert Area and the San Joaquin Valley.

Revered for its juicy flesh, sweet aroma, and vibrant color, this musky melon embodies the spirit of summer in every bite. But the appeal of California-grown Cantaloupes extends beyond just its delicious flavor.

Choosing the right cantaloupe is crucial in making a remarkable granita. When purchasing, opt for those that are symmetrical with a uniform golden hue. Check for a sweet, slightly musky aroma at the stem end, indicating ripeness. For the freshest flavor, it’s best to purchase a whole cantaloupe and prepare it at home.

No Hassle Dessert with a Twist

What makes Cantaloupe Granita the perfect summer treat? It only requires 5 ingredients and preparation requires no cooking, just blending. Incorporating only the best California honey, sugar, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and ice, allows the natural sweetness and flavor of the cantaloupe to shine through, creating a refreshing dessert that’s perfect for the hot summer days ahead.

Cut up the cantaloupe

Make sure the seeds and rind is removed

Place all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth. Pour into a pan

Freeze until the mixture becomes a firm slush

Scrape the granita with a fork until the ice crystals are broken up and can be scooped

Serve in a chilled glass


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