The Best Recipes For Carrot Cake: Carrot Olive Oil Cake

It's time to bake up a California sunshine-filled masterpiece – our carrot cake-inspired Carrot Olive Oil Cake. We're talking a tender, moist crumb bursting with the sweet flavor of carrots and raisins, a hint of nutty richness from almond flour and pistachios, the fruity notes of olive oil, and warm spices. Each bite will have your taste buds dancing. This recipe is a simple, delicious twist on classic carrot cake recipes that we know you are going to love!

This olive oil cake recipe is moist, tender, and packed with the sweet, earthy flavor of CA GROWN carrots. California olive oil adds a subtle, nutty depth, while warm spices like cinnamon and cardamom bring a cozy warmth to every bite. This is a no-fuss carrot cake recipe that's both comforting and surprisingly sophisticated.

Want to be sure your olive oil is fresh, the highest quality, and the real deal? Look for the COOC seal on bottles of California Extra Virgin Olive Oil to make sure you're getting delicious 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Certified California EVOO uses stricter standards than international requirements, requiring the oil to pass chemical testing and a sensory analysis by a group of experts, called an organoleptic panel evaluation.

The hallmark of any great carrot cake recipe is its moist texture. Dryness is a total bummer! Here's how to ensure your cake stays deliciously hydrated: Shred like a pro. Think confetti, not chunky carrots! Finely grated carrots mean more surface area, which means more moisture released into the batter. Mix smart, not hard. Overdoing it develops the gluten, leading to a tough cake. Gently fold your ingredients until just combined. Olive oil to the rescue! Embrace the magical moisturizing properties of California olive oil. It adds moisture and a subtle fruity flavor that'll make your taste buds do a happy dance.

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Raisins have a reputation for disappearing into the depths of cake batter due to their weight. But fear not, there's a way to keep them afloat:

While some cake recipes will have you toss raisins with flour or add them towards the end of the bake time, we suggest chopping them finely along with the toasted pistachios.

Ready to unleash your inner baking genius? Look no further than our CA GROWN Carrot Olive Oil Cake. It features fresh, locally-grown carrots and has a unique flavor twist thanks to the addition of olive oil. This recipe is sure to become your new go-to for carrot cake cravings..

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