Sweet Onion Jam

California Grown

Equal parts sweet and savory, this onion-based condiment is the perfect way to use up lots of onions at one time.


Types of onions that can be used to make Sweet Onion Jam

01 Yellow Onions

02 Sweet Onions

03 Spanish Onions


Tasting notes: Yellow Onions

Yellow onions have a subtle sweetness that makes them a perfect choice for both savory and sweet recipes like this jam.

Tasting notes: Sweet Onions

They are very sweet without being pungent. They are great for deep frying and roasting as well as for other popular onion recipes.

Tasting notes: Spanish Onions

Often confused with yellow onions, Spanish Onions are sweet and have a lower water content than many onions, making them the best onion for making onion rings!

This delicious Sweet Onion Jam is great on cheeseboards and with roasted or grilled meats.  Its sweet-savory flavor is practically irresistible.

Prep Time: 10 Min

California extra virgin olive oil Large sweet or yellow onions Large thyme sprigs Bay leaves Rosemary sprig Granulated sugar White wine vinegar Coarse salt to taste

Cook Time: 35 Min


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Step 1

Gather and prep the ingredients.  It is important to get everything completely prepared before you start cooking, as it all happens pretty quickly once you get started.

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Step 2

Cook to soften and season.  In a large pot, cook the onions in hot oil over moderately high heat until golden brown, about 15 minutes.

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Step 3

Smother it in sugar. Don’t stir, don’t shake, don’t even poke! Leave those onions alone until the sugar has all been melted and is a bubbling liquid.

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Step 4

Cool. Once this Sweet Onion Jam has cooled, you are ready to do just about whatever your heart desires with it. Just remove the herb bundle and discard it first. 

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– Place a small bowl on a cheeseboard for topping crackers and crostini. – Slather over a bagel with Provolone cheese. – Use it as a topping for smoked or grilled chicken. – Sprinkled over a salad for a burst of sweetness. – Use as an unexpected topping for a hamburger.

Ways to eat

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Or try it in a delicious grilled cheese sandwich!

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