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Our Favorite Sweet Onion Jam Recipe

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Equal parts sweet and savory, this onion-based condiment is the perfect way to use up lots of onions at one time.

Onions don’t get enough credit, in our opinion, which is why we plan to give them top billing on all future cheeseboards, crostini, and burgers with this recipe for Sweet Onion Jam.

Let’s make this sweet and savory Onion Jam!


Gather and prep the ingredients.


Cook to soften and season.


Smother it in sugar


Take a trip to flavor town!

What are some different ways to eat Sweet Onion Jam?

– Place a small bowl on a cheeseboard for topping crackers – Slather over a bagel with Provolone cheese. – Use it as a topping for smoked or grilled chicken. – Sprinkled over a salad  – Use as an unexpected topping for a hamburger.

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