An Easy Salad With Pickled Beets That's Always In Season

Let's talk about a recipe that will set the stage for any gathering or meal. We're not just talking about your run-of-the-mill party fare here. We're talking about a superstar ingredient lineup featuring vegetables from the Golden State. Be prepared for our Easy Pickled Beet Salad to steal the show whenever you serve it! Thanks to ingredients like beets and artichokes that are always in season in California, this simple salad is perfect any time of the year.

When you think beet salad, you might picture beets on a plate but hold that thought. We've taken that humble salad and turned it into a showstopper. Imagine roasted, pickled beets alongside red onions and cauliflower that have been roasted to perfection, all tossed with marinated artichoke hearts, a sprinkle of pepitas, and crumbled feta cheese. This salad is a wonderful mix of flavors and textures served on its own or in crisp butter lettuce cups. It’s a side dish; it's an appetizer; frankly, it’s whatever you want it to be!

Our small batch, Quick-Pickled Beets, are a delightful blend of sweetness and tang, crafted with a mix of apple cider vinegar and rice wine vinegar, perfectly balanced by a hint of sugar. Infused with a unique blend of spices, including mustard seed, celery seed, and a touch of red pepper flakes, they offer a vibrant burst of flavor with every bite.

Short on time and can't make a batch of pickled beets? No worries. Store-bought canned beets are fine for this salad, but the salad will miss the briny, sour taste that pickling the beets lends to the mix. Just be sure to add a small amount of vinegar or a touch of your favorite vinaigrette to the beet salad to balance the rest of this recipe's flavors.

Every bite of this beet salad celebrates what California does best—grow amazing produce. From the earthy beets to the tangy artichokes, we're talking about ingredients that tell the story of the Golden State's rich, fertile lands. Choosing CA GROWN means getting the freshest flavors on your table while supporting our state's farmers and sustainable farming practices.

Wondering what to pair with this colorful creation? This recipe's tangy, sweet notes play nicely with almost anything. Feel free to think outside the box—grilled steak, creamy risotto, or even a simple, rustic loaf of bread. The salad's versatility makes it the perfect partner for a cozy night in or your next dinner party.


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