An Authentic Fresh Orange Julius recipe that will really take you back!


Our Orange Julius recipe calls for a mix of fresh California oranges that have been peeled and partially frozen before being blended with honey, milk, and ice cream. 

This slightly frothy, ultra creamy treat is pure nostalgia through and through.

Did you know that California produces 80% of all the fresh citrus marketed in the United States?


California grown oranges


Whole milk

Vanilla bean paste

Vanilla ice cream

What oranges are best for this recipe?

Cara Cara and Navel oranges pair perfectly in this Orange Julius recipe!

This recipe calls for vanilla bean paste, but you can use an equal amount of vanilla extract and it will be delicious!


Pop your oranges in the freezer for 30 minutes


Add all of the ingredients into a blender & blend until smooth. Serve immediately! 

Did you know that the drink known today as the Orange Julius stems from of an orange juice stand that was opened in Los Angeles, California, in 1926 by Julius Freed? Pretty cool huh?!

Curious what a day in the life of a citrus farmer looks like?

Meet Eric Schmidt of Eric Schmidt Farms!

By day he’s a Fresno County Deputy Sheriff, but in the early mornings, evenings, and weekends, he’s a citrus farmer in Central California!