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California GROWN

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Have you ever found yourself with a surplus of fresh garlic? Try making this delicious garlic confit recipe!

What is garlic confit?

To confit is a French cooking technique that involves submerging and cooking food, in fat, over low heat, for a long period of time. While you could use a variety of different fats for this purpose we are partial to olive oil from California!

How to make garlic confit in 3 simple steps.

– garlic cloves – olive oil – sprig of thyme – sprig of rosemary – bay leaf – dried chiles – black pepper peppercorns


Prehehat the oven to 250°.


In a small baking dish combine the garlic cloves with the oil, herbs, dried chiles if using, and spices.


Cover with foil and bake until garlic is tender, 60–75 minutes. The garlic is done when the cloves easily pop out of the cloves when squeezed and are soft and jammy.

How Do You Use Garlic Confit?

A spread on toast Mixed into ricotta with fresh herbs for lasagna or stuffing shells. Tossed with garlic oil and Romano cheese. Blended into salad dresing with some of the infused garlic oil. Mixed into softened, salted butter

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