A Spectacular Vegetable Enchilada To Make Tonight


If you’re looking for a delicious and healthy dinner option, look no further than this spectacular vegetable enchilada recipe.

Filled with...

Oven-roasted sweet potatoes

California’s sunshine and warm, dry climate mean our sweetpotato vines are lush and fast-growing, with a longer growing season allowing year-round supply.

Bell Peppers, Onions & Garlic

California-grown onions and garlic are budget-friendly ingredients that are avaliable year-round and will keep for long periods of time when properly stored. Sweet peppers from California are another versatile ingredient that is worth stocking in your crisper drawer! They are “in-season” eight months out of the year here in California and an easy, affordable way to amp up the flavor of your favorite recipes.

& Beans...

Canned beans make whipping up this meal a pretty quick process, but if you have time to cook a pot of beans yourself they will become an extra flavorful component. For this batch of vegetable enchiladas I used Peruano beans from Boonville Barn. These beans have a unique, creamy texture and a nutty, earthy flavor that makes them perfect for use in soups, stews, chili, and enchiladas.

These enchiladas are sure to satisfy!


This is the best homemade enchilada sauce we’ve ever made!


The real star of the show that sets this enchilada recipe apart from the rest is Teri Turner of No Crumbs Left’s homemade enchilada sauce. It has a smoky tomato base and intense flavor from chipotle in adobo and a sultry red wine, balsamic, and prune jam. This enchilada sauce is unlike any you’ve had before!



You can absolutley use canned enchilada sauce to make this recipe for enchiladas. The final dish won’t have the same depth of flavor as one made with Teri’s homemade enchilada sauce, but it will still be incredibly delicious.

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